May 26, 2024

ABB India’s Smart Power Division Triumphs at IMEA 2023

ABB India’s Smart Power Division: A Triumph at Frost & Sullivan’s IMEA 2023

In a resounding testament to its commitment to digital innovation and manufacturing excellence, ABB India’s Smart Power Division emerged triumphant at the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s 19th India Manufacturing Excellence Awards (IMEA) 2023. The division secured the coveted ‘Smart Factory of the Year’ award, underscoring its prowess in smart manufacturing, IIoT systems, AI, machine learning, and digital process layout modeling.

The rigorous evaluation process considered a spectrum of factors, emphasizing the division’s advanced adoption of digital technologies and its strategic integration of Industry 4.0 principles. ABB India’s Smart Power Division demonstrated exceptional capabilities in harnessing the power of smart manufacturing and digital transformation.

Awards and Recognitions: ABB India Shines Bright


Smart Factory of the Year: ABB India’s Smart Power Division clinched the top spot in the ‘Smart Factory of the Year’ category. The award recognized the division’s digital readiness, innovative manufacturing practices, and its adept utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as IIoT systems, AI, and machine learning.

Indian Manufacturer of the Year – 1st Runner Up:

Adding another feather to its cap, ABB India received the ‘Indian Manufacturer of the Year – 1st Runner Up’ award. This accolade underscored the division’s excellence in manufacturing practices, emphasizing its role as a frontrunner in the Indian manufacturing landscape.

Consistency Aspirer Award:

ABB India was honored with the ‘Consistency Aspirer Award,’ recognizing the division’s diligence, perseverance, foresight, and dedication toward achieving manufacturing excellence consistently.

Manufacturing Transformation Champion of the Year:


Mr. Saju SR, Senior Vice President of ABB India Limited, Smart Power Division, was individually celebrated as the ‘Manufacturing Transformation Champion of the Year.’ This prestigious award acknowledged Mr. Saju’s outstanding contributions and achievements in the manufacturing domain, highlighting his leadership in steering the division toward transformative success.

Celebrating Operational Excellence and Future Readiness: IMEA 2023

The Frost & Sullivan IMEA 2023 edition celebrated organizations that demonstrated prowess in optimizing operational excellence and showcased preparedness for the future. ABB India’s Smart Power Division was recognized for its remarkable achievements in leveraging digital manufacturing tools, optimizing the supply chain, and enhancing manufacturing capabilities.

The on-site assessment of maturity at ABB India’s Smart Power Division’s factory in Bangalore underscored its commitment to the Digital Readiness Framework. This framework encapsulated the division’s proactive adoption of digital tools, showcasing both its readiness and maturity in navigating the digital transformation journey.

As ABB India continues to lead the way in technological innovation and manufacturing prowess, these awards stand as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic landscape of smart manufacturing and digital transformation. ABB India’s Smart Power Division’s achievements at the IMEA 2023 reinforce its position as a trailblazer in the Indian manufacturing sector.

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