June 19, 2024

ABB Robotics Transforms Indian Const., with 3D Printing.

“Simpli Forge Empowers Construction Sector through Cutting-edge Technology”

ABB Robotics, in collaboration with Simpli forge Creations, pioneers South Asia’s largest robotic concrete 3D printer.

Together with Simpli forge’s proprietary software, ABB’s IRB6700 robots and Robot Studio® have already achieved remarkable milestones, including the world’s first 3D printed place of worship and India’s inaugural 3D printed bridge.


The integration of ABB’s robotics and 3D printing, alongside conventional construction methods, promises increased efficiency, safety, and sustainability for businesses. This collaboration is poised to reshape the construction landscape across industrial, defense, commercial, and residential sectors. Particularly in disaster-affected areas requiring rapid rehabilitation and infrastructure reinstatement, this technology holds immense potential.

Subrata Karmakar, President of Robotics & Discrete Automation at ABB India, emphasizes the significance of investing in technologies that boost productivity and efficiency amidst India’s infrastructure growth.

3D printed construction, with its flexibility, operational efficiency, and reduced environmental impact, stands as a testament to these advancements.

Infrastructure development, a key driver of India’s rapid growth, traditionally involved manual construction processes. ABB’s IRB6700 robots, equipped with enhanced payload management, seamlessly integrate into Simpliforge’s operations.

Offering an end-to-end solution alongside conventional methods, these robots have a higher 3D print size to footprint ratio, reaching up to 8.5M in diameter. Operable in wet and robust construction environments, the system ensures accuracy, precision, and reproducibility, minimizing reworking and quality control costs.

Dhruv Gandhi, CEO of Simpliforge, highlights their fruitful collaboration with ABB India, leveraging robust and reliable technology to enhance operational speed and efficiency. ABB’s proprietary software, developed with Robot Studio®, facilitated the creation of South Asia’s largest robotic concrete 3D printer, addressing diverse housing needs.

This partnership exemplifies ABB Robotics’ commitment to automating the construction sector, fostering efficiency, speed, safety, and sustainability.

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation, a global leader in robotics and machine automation, offers a comprehensive and integrated portfolio, supporting companies in various sectors to become more resilient and efficient.

With approximately 11,000 employees in over 100 locations across 53 countries, ABB Robotics continues to drive innovation towards the connected and collaborative factory of the future.

In conclusion, the ABB and Simpli forge collaboration signifies a transformative leap in construction technology, promising a future where 3D printing, alongside traditional methods, becomes a cornerstone of India’s construction industry.

The success of the 3D printed place of worship and bridge serves as a testament to the capabilities of this groundbreaking partnership, heralding a new era of efficiency and sustainability in construction.


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