‘Embedded Systems’ Future Has Arrived!

Embedded systems are about to become much more important.

Emboldened Systems Will Be Destroyed by Open Source Software

In recent years, open source software has emerged as a major player in the embedded systems market. The main reason for this is that it combines a number of emerging trends that will assist manufacturers in transitioning to a more digital and automated manufacturing environment.

This transition  is ideal for open source software, particularly software developed by an organization’s engineering team. Manufacturers will need to free up resources and make more time for innovation as they rely more on automated manufacturing and services.

Manufacturers can free up engineers to focus on creativity while still maintaining the operational and cost efficiency required by relying on open source tools.  Companies that are already driving this transition recognise the value of open source software such as blockchain in bringing products to market faster and more cost effectively.

Long before IoT, AI will transform manufacturing.

AI and machine learning are expected to grow in importance for manufacturers.  With the rise of smart cities and IoT, manufacturers are becoming more aware of the numerous advantages these technologies provide.  These   advantages, however, are not integrated into the ways that customers use them today.

Many stakeholders are still attempting to understand how AI and machine learning can help transform their businesses. Manufacturing is one example of this. Artificial intelligence can be used to forecast customer demand and optimise production rates.  By analysing customer data, it can also be used to create a more intelligent customer experience.

Motherboard circuit technology remixed media
Standardization of New Smart Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturers will quickly adopt new smart manufacturing capabilities as standards as the technology landscape evolves. One example is the standardised application of machine learning.  With so many different ML platforms and tools to choose from, the decision has become more like deciding which platform to standardise on.

Given that the majority of manufacturers are already using one of these platforms, it is likely that they will standardise on it.  Once AI and ML become industry standards, they will be integrated throughout the supply chain.

This includes electronic components as well as sensors that can detect machine misalignment.  When this occurs, production can be immediately paused to ensure that problems are not overlooked.  Similarly, some manufacturers have already standardised the use of blockchain technology to help transform their entire supply chains.  This enables them to trace products back to their source and generate more transparent and traceable traceability data.

5G Networking Will Become the Connectivity Standard

The emergence of 5G will contribute to the transformation of the connectivity landscape. Manufacturers will see this as a critical enabler for the IoT ecosystem in the coming years. However, it also offers numerous advantages to manufacturers who do not have a comprehensive IoT programme.

Manufacturers will be able to provide even better virtual reality experiences as smartphones connect to 5G networks. Indeed, 5G’s ability to transfer live 4K video will have a significant impact on the virtual reality industry.

This is due to the fact that the standard will allow for much faster data transfer rates.  This means that virtual reality experiences can become far more realistic and immersive. Many manufacturers anticipate that virtual reality will be a key feature in the next wave of smartphone releases when It comes to connectivity in general.  This will enable them to provide a better VR experience to their customers.

In a nutshell, manufacturers are living in an exciting time.  Embedded  systems are on the verge of a transformation that will elevate them to even greater prominence in a digital world. As these trends emerge, they will be able to take advantage of new software and hardware to create even better products.

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