April 24, 2024

Karnataka Digital Economy for Start-Up Ecosystem

Karnataka Digital Economy

Mission Hosts Foreign Delegations in Talks to Drive Cross-border – Technology, Talent and Trade

Karnataka Digital Economy Mission and Berlin Partner’s discussion

The detailed how start-ups and organizations based in Berlin and Karnataka can access each other’s markets

● Team from The Hebrew University-
Israel spoke about the need for jointly skilling and upgrading talent
● EU-India InnoCenter, an EU-funded programme, discussed soft-landing for European start-ups and building significant long-term partnerships
● Swiss is looking to work closely with us in the areas of deep tech, infra, IT and Beyond Bengaluru
Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) hosted three foreign delegations who’d arrived in the country under the backdrop of the 25th Bengaluru Tech Summit. KDEM greeted a team from Berlin Partner and also held discussions with dignitaries from The Hebrew University, Israel, and the programme head of EU-India InnoCenter – an initiative funded under the Horizon 2020 scheme by the European Commission to explore, enter, and scale unique high-impact Series-A funded tech start-ups with the Indian market.
KDEM is focused on harnessing Karnataka’s huge digital economy. As such, one of its primary objectives is moving Beyond Bengaluru and opening investment opportunities throughout Karnataka.
KDEM aids global companies and investors with potential business prospects along with our partner ecosystem for soft landing into our State. Our industry friendly policies, ease of doing business, access to supply chain, access to key business stakeholders, skilled talent availability & much more makes the State best option for these businesses.

Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, was enthusiastic about developments: “We’ve managed to open important avenues of business in Karnataka, and not just in Bengaluru, and we’re now taking our mission to the world stage. Our core objective will all country partners is to drive 3Ts- Technology, Talent and Trade. 

We are glad to host these delegations this time and look forward to building global network in the coming months.
With Berlin both our start-ups got access to investor base, Hebrew University will help us launch next set of global management programs in State, EU will continue to bring their start-ups to India.”
Markus Facklam, Koordinator International & Area Manager, Africa & Europe, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH, looked forward to future discussions and said, “Our eventual goal is to welcome talent, people, knowledge, perspectives, innovations, and technologies from each side.
We have a lot in common and will meet again to speak about specifics concerning individual industries.”
Itay Friedjung, Managing Director of The Hebrew University Business School Executive Education, said, “We believe in developing partnerships with institutions and people outside our country so that we’re not limited in our vision. Our collaboration with KDEM will help Israeli innovation and the Bangalore ecosystem, two of the most important innovation hubs in the world.
Through this association, we hope to be able to bring our learning and development solutions here and provide assistance to organisations while learning in return.”

Juliane Frömmter of EU-India InnoCenter said, “We believe that our start-ups will transfer tech and know-how to the country while manufacturing and hiring local talent to scale in the Indian market. Karnataka has been expanding its horizons in the emerging-technology sector, thus making it a good fit for our first in-country flagship Demo Day called the Blue Carpet Night – Showcasing European Innovation. Additionally, the event line-up of the Bengaluru Tech Summit, followed by the Micelio Community meet-up, added in the favour of our present cohort’s sector focus of clean-tech, mobility, logistics, enterprise tech, etc. 

The meeting with KDEM became an essential part of our trip to India as we gained high interest from the ecosystem in embracing such innovative technologies. Our interactions with the local ecosystem will help foster strategic partnerships between India and Europe.”

The Bengaluru Tech Summit will address cross-border trade driven by KDEM’s initiatives and enterprise. KDEM works in close association with the state government to increase growth in the IT, BT, and S&T sectors. Its focus areas include start-ups, promoting emerging clusters outside Bengaluru, talent acceleration, Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), IT Products & Services, BPM and GCC Promotion.