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VS- latest automotive innovations for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) .

The trucking industry will be on display at the LVCC West Hall #W319, alongside a wide range of leading industry players.

Valens Semiconductor, a leading provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the automotive and audio-video markets, announced today that it will demonstrate the benefits of its automotive high-speed connectivity product suite, as well as a comprehensive set of demonstrations from companies in the expanding ecosystem, for the MIPI A-PHY compliant VA7000 chipset family. 

Tier-1s, camera sensor companies, radar and LiDAR suppliers, component manufacturers, and testing equipment companies will be included in this group, which will serve the growing demand for increased safety in today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Valens Semiconductor will also demo its unique solution for enhanced safety and cost-effective rear-view visibility for the trucking industry. This solution, also intended for the aftermarket, provides video connectivity between the tractor and trailer, for high-speed data links, in a very rough and noisy environment.

“The VA7000 delivers a unique combination of unprecedented bandwidth, enhanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and error free links with practically zero latency, all of which is critical for effective high-speed connectivity in automotive safety and time sensitive applications, compared to other available solutions,” said Gideon Kedem, Senior Vice President and Head of Automotive at Valens Semiconductor

“We are able to do this with a variety of sensor types, be they camera sensors, LiDAR or radars. As our solution offers low total system cost, we believe interest in our industry leading solution among automotive OEMs, Tier-1s and Tier-2s will continue to grow and drive further adoption across the ecosystem.

CES 2023 is a great platform to demonstrate this continuing success alongside a broad range of leading industry players.” “We can do this with a variety of sensor types, including camera sensors, LiDAR, and radars. Because our solution has a low total system cost, we believe interest in our industry-leading solution will continue to grow and drive further adoption across the ecosystem. CES 2023 is an excellent venue for demonstrating this ongoing success alongside a diverse range of industry leaders.”

“The A-PHY-compliant Valens Semiconductor chipset will help accelerate the transition to software-defined vehicles, which will be supported by intelligently connected architectures such as Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle ArchitectureTM.

These architectures, as well as the software they support, serve as the foundation for carrying out our mission of enabling a safer, greener, and more connected future of mobility “said Glen De Vos, Aptiv’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “Aptiv is thrilled to be working with Valens Semiconductor on its cutting-edge connectivity technologies.”

Sensor fusion, which uses a combination of different sensor types – cameras, LiDARs, and radars – to deliver data and functionality required by safety applications such as ADAS, is undergoing a major transformation in the automotive industry.

“By connecting with our cutting-edge camera modules, Valens Semiconductor assists Sunny Optical in meeting the stringent automotive industry requirements,” said Bob Zhang, General Manager at Sunny Smartlead, Sunny Optical. “With Valens Semiconductor, we have a significant presence in ADAS and see CES 2023 as a good platform to demonstrate the power of our leading solutions.” 

“We are confident that a growing number of automakers will deploy LiDARs as one of the sensor types that enable/s ADAS in their vehicles for Level 2 autonomy and above.

Our LiDAR solution will benefit from standardised solutions that can manage the high bandwidth they extend to cars in a seamless and effective manner, ensuring that 3D data for safety applications is effectively transmitted and analysed in future generations of vehicles.

“Sumitomo Electric is an important player in automotive interconnectivity. We are excited to work with Valens Semiconductor on the VA7000 video connectivity chipsets to help automotive OEMs and Tier 1s stay ahead of the competition “said Hiroki Hirai, General Manager of Sumitomo Electric’s CAS-EV Development Promotion Division. “Valens Semiconductor will demonstrate how their chipsets integrate with our world-class harnesses at CES 2023.”

Interoperability among multiple vendors’ components will be critical as automakers integrate sensors requiring higher bandwidth and EMC into next-generation ADAS and autonomous systems. To meet this demand, test equipment manufacturers are developing off-the-shelf testing solutions.

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