April 24, 2024

Wipro Launches Cybersecurity Services to be Safe

Wipro Launches Cyber security Consulting Offering in Europe

In a time of increased cyber hazards, the new service makes use of Wipro’s recent purchases in the consulting sector to provide clients with an end-to-end solution.


A premier provider of technology services and consulting, WIPRO recently declared the opening of its strategic cyber security consulting practise in Europe. The news follows a string of consulting industry acquisitions—Edgile, Capco, and Ampion—and is in line with the company’s goal of developing a global cyber security consulting service to assist clients in staying ahead of changing regulatory and threat environments.

According to Tony Buffomante, senior vice president and global head of cybersecurity and risk services (CRS) at Wipro Limited, “the escalation of cyber threats, compounded by the quickly changing regulatory environment, is creating brand new issues for organisations across Europe.”

“With the support of our broadened consulting skills, our clients will be able to quickly and effectively respond to changing regulatory environments and stay ahead of emerging threats thanks to our deep expertise in cybersecurity and our global network of cyber securists. At this pivotal time, we are happy to offer this service to clients in this market.

The new consulting service, provided by Wipro CRS Europe, will complement Wipro’s current cyber security offerings and give clients access to the company’s whole portfolio of services, from strategy and implementation to managed services.

According to John Hermans, Head of Wipro CRS Europe, “Our recent acquisitions  in the cybersecurity domain, as well as our recent strategic additions in Europe,  have presented an opportunity for us to rethink how we service our clients in this industry.”

“With this launch, we will consolidate all of our cyber capabilities under one roof, enabling us to provide clients with a truly end-to – end offering that leads with strategy but fulfils all of their cybersecurity demands,” the company said.

The new solution will give clients with both Wipro’s managed services capabilities, Cyber Shield SM, and all of the company’s cyber consulting capabilities under one  roof, Cyber Transform SM.  Wipro’s business-aligned, strategy-first approach to cyber security transformation is called Cyber Transform.

Through a business-led strategy to address global security, risk, cloud, identity, and compliance concerns, it promotes corporate growth.

Wipro’s range of cybersecurity consulting services are combined in Cyber Transform, which offers clients a 360 degree, genuinely holistic approach to managing cyberthreats and creating  resilient, future proof enterprises.  The market-leading set of managed services known as Cyber Shield from Wipro CRS protects company operations through on-demand management of cyber resilience.






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