April 24, 2024

SEW Inaugurates Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida, India

SEW Unveils Global Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida

Pioneering AI Advancements in Energy and Water Sectors

Embracing the Fusion of Human and Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Global Energy and Water Management

SEW, a renowned leader in Energy & Water AI Cloud Platform solutions, proudly announces the inauguration of its Global Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This significant milestone marks a giant leap towards expanding operations and underscores SEW’s unwavering dedication to fostering innovation driven by AI in areas such as energy efficiency, sustainability, e-Mobility, and digital transformation.

The inauguration of the SEW Tech AI and Innovation Hub symbolizes a pivotal moment in the journey of SEW, reflecting its commitment to shaping the future of sustainable energy and water management. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, this hub will serve as a nucleus for research, product development, engineering, and collaborative endeavours, ushering in a new era of technological breakthroughs in energy management, water conservation, and e-Mobility.

Deepak Garg, CEO and Founder of SEW, reflected on the company’s evolution, stating, “Over a decade ago, our vision for SEW was crystal clear – to achieve ‘Global Sustainability’ by leveraging technology to educate, empower, and engage billions worldwide. Today, SEW’s digital platforms have connected over 1.2 billion individuals, realizing the once seemingly improbable notion of energy and water security.”

“At the SEW Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub in Noida, we are not merely innovating or enhancing AI products; we are sculpting the future of sustainable, clean, and affordable energy and water management. Through the seamless integration of AI and digital platforms, SEW is spearheading initiatives that will drive positive environmental impacts and empower communities globally,” added Manoj Kohli, ex-Country Head Softbank India.

This hub signifies SEW’s unwavering commitment to AI innovation and collaboration, representing a significant milestone in its journey towards a brighter future. With immense growth potential and a steadfast dedication to creating innovative AI platforms, the groundbreaking initiatives undertaken here are poised to inspire transformative changes in the industry, propelling us toward a realm of boundless possibilities.

The SEW Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub will play a pivotal role in fostering innovation in the global energy and water industry, with a focus on expanding operations in India and the Asia-Pacific region. Key initiatives include establishing cutting-edge facilities for manufacturing global chargers and batteries, aligning with India’s thrust towards electric mobility, and attracting global investments into Uttar Pradesh and India, showcasing the region’s potential for growth.

“Our primary objective is to invest in and expand our business operations in India, leveraging our expertise in building AI digital platforms for the energy, water, and e-Mobility sectors. This expansion is poised to drive significant growth in Uttar Pradesh, contributing to the state’s ambition to achieve a USD 1+ trillion economy in the coming years,” emphasized Deepak Garg, CEO and Founder of SEW.

The Energy Tech AI and Innovation Hub embodies SEW’s core values and culture, fostering collaboration and innovation. Its contemporary design promotes interaction and teamwork among employees, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and ideation. By encouraging a culture of continuous learning and experimentation, SEW aims to push the boundaries of innovation in the energy and water sectors.

As SEW looks ahead, its vision extends to connecting over 4 billion people by 2027. With a workforce of over 1500 employees and plans for further expansion, SEW is poised to redefine the future of energy and water management through its digital AI platforms.

At SEW’s Energy Tech AI Innovation Hub in Noida, innovation takes center stage, driving transformative advancements in the energy and water industry. Through collaborative ideation and agile development methodologies, the hub aims to redefine product development and delivery, empowering businesses and communities to achieve their sustainability goals.

Moreover, SEW is expanding its presence in southern India with new offices in Bangalore and Mysore, further enhancing its accessibility to talent and reinforcing its commitment to growth and innovation.

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