April 24, 2024

XR Open Source Fellowship Program of FICCI

The XROS fellowship programme will assist in creating an open metaverse ecosystem that will foster innovation.

In order to enable 100 Indian developers to work on open source projects for the metaverse, Meta will finance the XROS fellowship programme as part of its XR Programs and Research Fund.

This will hasten India’s advancement in XR technology. Meta is funding Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with $1 million for the XR Open Source (XROS) fellowship programme as part of its commitment to accelerating India’s development of XR technology.

The FICCI-run XROS programme will offer 100 Indian developers who are working on XR (extended reality) technology fellowships that include stipends and mentoring. The Ministry of Electronics and Information’s National e-Governance Division.

“The metaverse won’t be constructed by one firm alone,” stated Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs  at Meta, in response to a question about the concept. They will assist Indian developers who are working on these fascinating technologies through initiatives like XR Open Source.

We hope that with their help, the upcoming generation of internet technologies will be developed in a transparent, inclusive, and accessible manner.

“The vision for India’s techade:

This can only be achieved when the young developers  and start-ups, including those tier II & III cities, contribute to enabling future  technologies like XR in the metaverse,” said Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal  Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, who was present at the program’s  launch.

Abhishek Singh, President & CEO of NeGD, commented on the partnership on the programme, saying that open source technology driven ecosystems may play a significant role in creating reliable digital public goods that are interoperable and adhere to federated architecture.

The future of developing technology and the metaverse for India and the rest of the globe will be significantly shaped by Indian developers, particularly those from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We are happy to support the XROS effort and believe that it will help India’s open source community and ecosystem of immersive technology developers grow.

It will serve as a springboard for making India the TechAde of this decade. Devin Narang, FICCI Committee Member & Country Head India, Sindicatum Renewable Energy, highlighted the significance of the programme by saying, “XROS Fellowship.”

The XR Open Source programme is the second initiative launched by Meta in India with the goal of fostering the developer community for immersive technologies and expanding the open ecosystem for the creation of the metaverse. No Language Left Behind (NLLB), a single multilingual AI model that covers 200 low resource languages,including 25 Indian languages, has been supported and launched by Meta since its inception.

Over the next three years, Meta will work with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and over 10 million students and 1 million teachers to deliver immersive technology. The cooperation with CBSE demonstrates Meta’s dedication to India and reflects the shared goal of ensuring that all students in India have fair access to high-quality STEM education.

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