April 24, 2024

Tata Play Fiber Rides with Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks and Tata Play Fiber enters the 400G Fastlane to satisfy India’s growing demand for extremely fast internet speeds. 

The most demanding streaming, gaming, hybrid work, and smart home applications can all be used on an experience-first network powered by Juniper’s Cloud Metro solutions.

In order to continue enabling improved digital experiences for millions of people throughout the country, Tata Play Fiber, an internet service provider in India, has chosen Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, to upgrade its regional network.

Tata Play Fiber has constructed a sustainable, scalable network with a 400G-capable network that is powered by Juniper’s Cloud Metro solutions to meet the rapidly increasing demand for premium, high-speed internet connectivity in India.

With a rapidly increasing number of consumers embracing the convenience offered by applications on internet-connected devices, the pandemic has changed media consumption habits in the second-largest internet market in the world.

While India’s internet speeds are growing, networks are constantly being strained by remote work and bandwidth-intensive applications such as video conferencing, streaming video and gaming.

Tata Play Fiber set out to increase the scale and agility of its regional networks in order to fulfil its commitment to giving Indian consumers seamless digital experiences. In order to provide an immediate 10-fold increase in capacity while aiming for 400G soon, Tata Play Fiber drew on Juniper’s track record of building scalable and resilient networks.

Tata Play Fiber’s 400G deployment will be supported by Juniper’s ACX7100 Cloud Metro Routers, with the ACX710 serving as the access layer. Utilizing Juniper’s Cloud Metro solutions, Tata Play Fiber’s regional networks can now deliver content closer to subscribers, potentially boosting capacity and performance while streamlining service delivery to support profitable growth at scale.


In addition, Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) subscriber management solution streamlines the delivery of bundled services like internet connectivity, entertainment content, and home security.

Tata Play Fiber’s team can automate service delivery and provide quick home installation and troubleshooting by leveraging the open programmability of a Juniper network. This will improve the customer experience and provide millions of people in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, and other major cities in India with faster access to premium, super-fast internet.

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Tata Play Fiber intends to achieve higher customer satisfaction with an automated, sustainable, and scalable network as new service opportunities emerge, as India makes progress in its post-pandemic recovery plans and the broader global shift toward hybrid work models.

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